We created Cumulus Funding to be the first company to invest in the American worker.  Many people in this country need access to funds for many different reasons.  We recognize that in many cases, traditional banks and lenders are unwilling or unable to meet those individuals’ needs.  When loans are available, they are made at terms that are extremely favorable to the banks — high and inflexible interest payments, multiple hidden fees and service charges, and often, a requirement that if you can’t make your payments the bank can come and take your personal assets that were pledged as collateral.  Sound familiar?

Cumulus Funding is different.  We think the American worker is a tremendously valuable asset, and our objective is simple:  Invest in Ability, Invest in Potential, Invest in You.

Cumulus Funding doesn’t make loans.  We don’t charge interest.  We never hide fees and we won’t work against you to take your assets if you can’t make your payments.  We walk hand-in-hand with you financially.  Unlike banks, we care deeply about your financial success – you are our investment, after all.  We can even provide resources to help you advance further in your career, better understand your financial situation, or even change jobs.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe the hard-working labor force of this country is still our single greatest asset
  • We believe the American worker deserves access to capital
  • We believe that the American worker deserves a financial partner that is aligned with their interests
  • We believe financial products should be as simple, clear and easy to understand as possible
  • We believe it is our privilege at Cumulus Funding to have the opportunity to invest in the American worker

Cumulus Funding’s mission is to provide a better financial solution for the American worker.