• You provide us with some basic information to help us determine how much we can offer you and what percentage of your future earnings we’ll require in exchange for that investment.
  • If you like our offer, we’ll sign you up and get your funds to you as soon as possible.  We can usually have a check sent or funds wired to a new customer within three to five business days of their first call to us.
  • After we’ve made our investment in you, going forward, you provide us with an agreed upon percentage of your wages or salary, for a fixed period of time.  As long as you’re current on your payments, you always have the right to “buy out” your contract at any time during that period.

Key Benefits for You:

  • Alignment of interests between Cumulus and you
  • Adjustable payments that change according to your income and ability to make payments
  • Flexible use of funds
  • Not having to increase your debt load or deal with a bank or other lender