• Overview - Funds in Exchange for Future Earnings
    Overview - Funds in Exchange for Future Earnings

    In addition to Cumulus Funding, there are a number of other innovative companies currently allowing workers or students to receive funds today in exchange for a portion of their future earnings.  If you are a college student looking for a financial sponsor, one of the companies below may be a wonderful option for you.

  • Lumni

    Lumni is an innovative company helping college students meet their financial needs by providing them with funds in exchange for a portion of their future income after graduation.


  • Fantex

    Fantex is an all-new marketplace where you can buy and sell shares linked to the value and performance of the brand of an athlete — It’s real money, real investments, and a real athlete’s brand. However, because you can only trade Fantex, Inc. tracking stocks on this platform, there is no assurance as to the development or liquidity of any trading market. Read our blog post about Fantex athletes.

  • Media

    Our media page has our press kit and other Cumulus related news.

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  • Pave

    Pave collaborated with one of the country’s leading labor economists to build a lending model based on decades of robust data from nationally recognized sources. Their unique product matches Talent with Backers. The funding rate is what the Talent can raise for each 1% of income shared for a certain time period (5 or 10 years). All talent have an estimated return of 6-8%. Read our blog post detailing how Pave works.

  • Career Concept
    Career Concept

    Career Concept is a German company providing educational funds to students throughout Europe in exchange for a portion of their future earnings.    


  • Upstart

    Upstart customers begin by creating a profile. The backgrounds and goals of upstarts vary widely – some are looking to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor, while others aim to retire student debt or invest in their education. Upstart verifies the applicant’s identity, academic credentials and credit status before they appear on the website. Then they are matched with potential investors in exchange for a percentage of their future earnings. Read about how Upstart works here.

  • Fix UC
    Fix UC

    Fix UC is a student-created and run organization dedicated to solving the University of California’s funding crisis.